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About the Resilience tree

Our philosophy

We see resilience as the essential quality that enables people to live positive, meaningful and successful lives. People high in resilience can cope flexibly with challenges and stress and emerge stronger and more confident. We believe anyone can grow their resilience, whatever adversities they face or difficult experiences they have had.

What we offer


 Workshops for schools, universities, voluntary organisations, parent and community groups looking to support the growth of young peoples' resilience including:

Bounceback wellbeing and resilience programme 

Resilience Tree training

Positive psychology talks and  workshops


Individual cognitive behavioural coaching for young people and adults 

Where we are

We are based in Scotland, Belgium and the  Netherlands

About Us


With over 20 years experience working with adults, young people and children as a professional psychologist in local authorities, in recent years her  main focus has been on  developing resilience in people of all ages. 

'Resilience is a quality we all have, and can also all grow in, whatever our age or circumstances. For me, it has been key to maintaining my wellbeing through all life's challenges, from the smallest to the largest.'


After 15 years experience of working with children, troubled teenagers and adults with mental health issues, followed by 10 years as an educational psychologist in a local authority, she is now focusing on resilience as she believes this is key to a happy and fulfilled life, especially after having experienced first hand the effects of a resilient mind on the way she has coped with personal challenges.



Bounceback! is an award winning Australian curricular programme for building children's wellbeing and resilience in schools. We have extensive experience of training teachers in the Bounceback! programme and our 1 day training has been endorsed by the 

programme's authors 


Our resiliencetree training  takes a broad and deep approach to developing resilience in young people. It can be tailor made for you and your organisation,  providing you with a clear structure and resources  to use with groups and individuals.

Positive Psychology

we offer workshops and talks on positive psychology  including:

  •  learned optimism
  •  finding strengths
  •  happiness
  •  wellbeing and life balance



Bounce Back! is an award-winning wellbeing and resilience class-based program for children and young people in primary school. Bounce Back! offers practical strategies to help children and young people function well at school and in life. A whole school social and emotional learning curriculum program. Promotes positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience for students and teachers plus safe and supportive class and school learning environments. We offer one day workshops for schools in Scotland who wish to introduce the Bounceback programme and our training has been endorsed by Bounceback's authors.

Feedback from training

  • Really enjoyed the training, the pace was great and it made me think!
  • Thank you for an informative and thought provoking session!
  • Clear presentation, well organised, approachable and friendly presenters.
  • Excellent training that makes me feel positive about dealing with all situations
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day, good to have a clear explanation of resilience and the rationale behind the programme
  • Loved the style of the training, relating it back to things we could relate to, thank you
  • A very positive and reflective session, enabling us to look at how to develop ourselves as well as our learners.
  • Really good balance of presentation, background information and practical activities. Looking forward to using the resources and trying the techniques!
  • Many of the messages you gave, they are worldly wisdoms from your grandma perhaps or aphorisms from books… They are true and helped humans through time. They are now all put together by teachers! And presented by two gifted and enthusiastic presenters who gave us the psychological and practical insights we needed. Thank you!

Resilience Coaching

We work with individual clients to grow and strengthen their resilience. We will support you to:

  • evaluate your own resilience
  • look at 'ways of being' that enable growth in resilience
  • develop and reinforce resilience skills
  • review your progress

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